Confession. I am a hardcore introvert. I actually have to schedule a couple days a week, where I work completely from home, and don’t “people”. Being around people drains my energy. Being alone allows me to recharge, for the next time I need to venture out and people. And I feel bad sometimes, because I don’t have the energy reserves, to be more social.

When I found yoga, it saved me in many ways. One of those ways, has been to build a community, a tribe, which is so hard to do, when you are an introvert. I am alone a lot. Not lonely. Just alone. Alone with my dogs.

Finding the studio, allowed me to be “social” and in the presence of others, without it draining my energy, like other normal activities. The high vibe environment actually replenishes and restores my energy.

Last night I was able to be “social” with my parents, by attending my lovely friend, Jennifer’s, Sunset Flow yoga class. This morning, I get to be “social” with my dear friend, Jeannette, as we attend our weekly yoga sesh, with another wonderful teacher, at the studio, Dina. So grateful for all of the hills and valleys, or more accurately, mountains and canyons, that have guided me to present time.

Yoga saved me.


No Mud No Lotus