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Yoga for Insomnia

Celeste and The Yoga Channel welcome you to a weekend workshop kicking off the new Deep Dive Into Yoga Therapy series with Yoga Therapy for Insomnia. The series will give you in-depth information on specific conditions as well as lots of information, techniques, and practices from the ancient art and science of yoga, that you never knew existed!

Coursework Includes:
  • Intake Assessment – Please register and give email address so an assessment form can be emailed to you
  • Health and Healing During Sleep
  • Asana – Practice to help you relax
  • Nighttime Rituals – Those that help you sleep and those that keep you awake
  • Golden Milk – What we eat and drink can keep us awake, wake us up during the night or facilitate a good night’s rest
  • Breath Practices for Restful Sleep
  • How Much Rest do we Really Need?
  • And More!

Teacher: Celeste Mendelsohn


Yoga Workshop