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The sacral chakra is located below the belly button, in the area of the lower abdomen and the sacrum. It includes the sexual organs, and is dominated by the element of water.  This energetic center governs our ability to taste life, to have zest and passion for all our experiences. This is the storehouse of our creativity and the birthplace of our procreativity (children, or projects!). We also engage in intimate relationships on this level of consciousness.
Many people think of the sacral chakra as the sex chakra. It is, but it is so much more than that. This energetic center houses our emotions and is thought to be responsible for all of our emotional reactions in life. As human beings, emotions are a natural part of who we are. The challenge is not with the emotions themselves, but rather with the way they often play out. Cultivating emotional freedom in terms of the second chakra is both an inside job and an outside practice. When we are destabilized in this area, we may experience things such as sacral instability, reproductive issues, hip tightness or hyperlordosis (sway back posture). But, of course, the imbalance may run more deeply and arise as emotional issues like depression, anxiety, or moodiness. While we can address all of these symptoms in a variety of ways, looking at the chakra associated with them gives us access to the root cause of the disturbance, hopefully giving us a new way to reclaim health and balance.
Through asana, mantra, crystals and ritual, we will honor and balance our chakras together.  This will be the SECOND in a series that will address each chakra in order.

Fluid Flow & Slow Mo combines a creative and intuitive vinyasa practice, with deep slow stretches , to promote a unique blend of energies, while testing the depths of your patience, grace, strength, balance and flexibility. We will begin with a challenging flow sequence, designed to build a sweat, and cool down with long hold stretches, that will leave you feeling relaxed, soothed and grounded. Get ready to dive deep, tap into your inner strength, have some fun and discover more peace and balance, along the way. Vinyasa experience required.

Teacher: Aurora

Ventura Yoga