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Feminine Energy Mystic Circle® with Kate Rodger, PhD(c)

A powerful, supportive opportunity to Celebrate the Equinox in the very best way for YOU. ♥


New Year, More YOU!  *Allowing your Soul to have its way in 2020*
> What are You saying Yes to as we launch the new decade?
> Let’s set some clear, empowered Directives that will inspire your creative contributions throughout this year!
> Let’s utilize our Mystic Circle to continue to magnify and amplify the true Bliss of each one gathered.
> Let’s B R E A T H E…… We Can Do This!

There are 2 main components to a Feminine Energy Mystic Circle®:

1) First, the “Divining of the Circle”, where we sit in Circle and each one shares from Heart + Soul.  The share is inspired by the theme, and not exclusive to it.  If something else is coming forward for you to put in the Circle, that is perfect.  Traditionally, for thousands of years, women have gathered to sit in Circle and share, whether around a campfire, the side of a river while washing, in quilting bees, in sacred Council.  We will come together, as we have for millinea and share, share our souls, weave our wisdom, and Remember Who We Are.

2) Next, we engage in a personal Shamanic Journey using Breath, Sound, a bit of Guidance, and the Brilliance of your Soul. Ancestors, Angels, Spirit Guides, and others can show up in this portion to support you with insights, deepening, and strengthening for what it is you are Yessing!

Whether powerfully or gently, depending on what you are with, Kate will hold the firm container of possibility and the truth of your brilliance so that what-no-longer-serves can be released as the Beauty, Depth, Inspiration, Wholeness, and Creativity rise forth, strengthen, are nourished, renewed, and restored in the very fiber of your being.

There will be opportunity to be with question marks, challenges, any shadows, that may want some attention from you…. knowing that there is Wisdom in the Darkness, for it is the Dark that shines forth the Light. There will also be abundant opportunity to anchor-in and luminize your Brilliance, your Yes, your Soul Purpose… And, most significantly there will be those moments when you touch upon the Beauty of yourself, moving more deeply into Love… self-love and also amplifying the love with everyone who populates your life… ♥

Rev. Kate’s seasonal Feminine Energy Mystic Circle will support your evolutionary journey, your self-growth and understanding, your deepening and remembering, and the pure luminosity of You!

In Sacred Mystic Circle…

* Be Nourished, Supported, & Amplified

* Receive new Strategies for Facilitating your Life Path

* Thrive with Soul Sisters

In Mystic Shamanic Work…

* Free Yourself! ~ Release Old Energies, Beliefs, Structures which no longer serve You

* Root, Establish your powerful, artistic, luminous Yes!

* Engage & Collaborate with Ones in the Unseen (Ancestors, Avatars, Angels..) who choose to weave with your Soul’s greatest Expression + your Life’s greatest Experience