Root Chakra Tune Up


A healthy root chakra allows us to “stand on our own two feet”. Imbalances may manifest themselves as family problems, financial trouble, elimination issues, pain or illness of feet and legs. For a quick root chakra tune up, place a plant, a rock or gemstone and a candle somewhere where you can sit comfortably within their sight and reach. The root chakra is governed by the earth element, so it’s important to add them to your ritual. You can also do this outside, amongst Mother Nature.

Light your candle, bring your hands into prayer and chant the bija Mantra “Lam” on an extended exhale 3 times, just as we do “Om”. This chant awakens the root chakra field of consciousness. Maintain a focused awareness in the root chakra by placing your hands on your legs and observe what ever comes up. Imagine a red light at the base of the spine pulsating along with your breath. If any negative thoughts arise, visualize them consumed by the red light at the base of the spine. Cultivate the feeling of being grounded and stable and say the following affirmation: I am grounded, stable and empowered to stand on my own two feet.” Bring your hands into prayer, taking a moment to just be and feel. Place your hands on the earth and exhale forcefully a few times, sending any negativity from your root chakra to the earth, where she will transmute this into something good. Close by chanting “Lam” 3 more times and snuff out your candle.