Thomas Fire

I took this photo, just a few days before the Thomas Fire began. There was this pink haze, I had never seen before, that looking back, now feels so ominous. Eerie. Foreboding. This was last Friday night, on my way into the studio, and is filter free.

Today the air is dense, dark and smoke filled. My heart hurts for our local community and everyone else affected, indirectly or directly, by the recent fires in California. But I am one of the fortunate ones. I don’t grieve for me. I grieve for you.

I want to help in some way and the only way I know how, is through yoga. So, through the end of the year, all first responders and anyone who has lost their home to recent fires, can practice yoga at the studio for free. The Yoga Channel is down on Silver Strand Beach and is a very peaceful and healing space. There I healed, at my worst, and I hope it brings some of you the same comfort.