Another one of our LOVELY yogis completes the SPRING FEVER 30 Day Yoga Challenge! 🌻 12 yoga classes 🌷 1 workshop 💐 1 love letter 💕 1 photo in a yoga pose  Meet Becky! Becky is a bright and inspiring soul! Big smiles and beautiful energy! She is dedicated to her practice, without or without a challenge!! Thank you, Becky, for your continued support and for being such an integral part of our tribe!! We LOVE you! 💜🕉

Please enjoy Becky’s “LOVE LETTER” posted on YELP:

“When a certain series of events occurred in November 2016, my desire for occasional me-time quickly turned into self-care being an absolute priority in this world gone mad. Survival mode! And not long after, my home-to-work geography changed, and this wonderful gem by the sea appeared to me. I am so lucky to have found professional, patient and loving teachers that have brought my practice to a new level, and this has allowed me to find peace, stability and happiness — just when I thought that the world was going to be permanently gry and bleak. So grateful for the 5:30 classes which enable me to leave work in a timely manner, the wonderful weekend classes with my favorite yogis, and for the in-depth workshops. That, and the cozy, welcoming studio, steps away from a magical, shimmering stretch of the Pacific, has improved my mind, body, and spirit more than I ever could have hoped.”