Tree Pose

Our lovely student, Dori, in tree pose, Vrksasana! Sri Chaitanya, the dancing saint from Bengal, sings, “Being more humble than a blade of grass, more tolerant than a tree, giving all honor to others, and not to want any honor for oneself, these are the qualities that are necessary for success in yoga.” He viewed tolerance, as fundamental for attaining yoga. Yoga, not in the sense of physical asana, but as a way of life.🌳 In this pose, the legs represent the roots of the tree, the trunk of the tree begins at the trunk of the body and the arms are the branches. Tree pose imbues body, mind and breath, with the qualities of balance, generosity, strength and tolerance.🌲 Show us where you Vrkasana!

See you on the mat!



Tree Pose Silver Strand Yoga

Tree Pose in nature.