Pre Registration & Pre Pay Required for Workshops.
To guarantee your space pre registration and pre payment are required for all workshops.
Space is limited to 10-12 people per workshop.

Ph: 805.984.2520


  • Fri

    Fluid Flow & Slow Mo

    6:30 - 8:00pm

    Special Event Class Featuring the Aurora's Favorite Music and a Guided "Welcome to Fall Meditation"

    Teacher: Aurora

    Description: Fluid Flow & Slow Mo combines a creative and intuitive vinyasa practice, with deep slow stretches , to promote a unique blend of energies, while testing the depths of your patience, grace, strength, balance and flexibility. We will begin with a challenging flow sequence, designed to build a sweat, and cool down with long hold stretches, that will leave you feeling relaxed, soothed and grounded. Get ready to dive deep, tap into your inner strength, have some fun and discover more peace and balance, along the way.

    Fee: $20.00




  • Sat

    Yoga for Insomnia Workshop

    1:00 - 4:00pm

    Teacher: Heidi H.

    Description: Celeste and The Yoga Channel welcome you to a weekend workshop kicking off the new Deep Dive Into Yoga Therapy series with Yoga Therapy for Insomnia. The series will give you in-depth information on specific conditions as well as lots of information, techniques, and practices from the ancient art and science of yoga, that you never knew existed!

    Coursework Includes:

    • Intake Assessment - Please register and give email address so an assessment form can be emailed to you
    • Health and Healing During Sleep
    • Asana - Practice to help you relax
    • Nighttime Rituals - Those that help you sleep and those that keep you awake
    • Golden Milk - What we eat and drink can keep us awake, wake us up during the night or facilitate a good night’s rest
    • Breath Practices for Restful Sleep
    • How Much Rest do we Really Need?
    • And More!

    Fee: $40.00/Presale $45.00/at the door

  • Sun

    YINtensive Yoga Workshop

    2:00 - 5:00pm

    Teacher: Lisa Otero, RTY-200

    Description: Rest and revive with an extended, guided relaxation meditation, followed by a leisurely session of deep-stretch yoga.

    Space is limited. Please call/text Lisa to inquire re last-minute space availability: 805-766-1342.

    Fee: $40.00




  • Sat

    The Healing Art of Crystals and Gemstones Workshop

    1:30 - 4:30pm

    Teacher: Kac Young, PhD

    Description: This workshop introduces you to the natural power of crystals, provides a scientific background for the properties and gives you hands-on experience with the healing power in the mineral kingdom. Dr. kac has worked with crystals and gemstones for over 30 years, studied with masters and planted healing crystals in the sacred sites of the world. She will bring crystals charged in the Kings Chamber of the Pyramid at Giza. She will also conduct a healing circle so you can experience the charges contained within the crystal kingdom. Wear comfortable clothing, prepare to sit on the floor or yoga blankets. Bring your own crystals to charge in the circle. We will meditate, set intentions, create a clearing space and learn the art of healing with crystal energy. Selected crystals and gemstones will be available for sale.

    Fee: $55.00