Class Series

Pre Registration & Pre Pay Required for Class Series.
To guarantee your space pre registration and pre payment are required for all Class Series.
Space is limited to 10-12 people per workshop.

Ph: 805.984.2520

  • Fri

    Summer Solstice Fire and Light with Asana, Meditation and Beach - Class Series

    7:00 - 8:15am

    8 Fridays: June 2nd - July 21st

    Teacher: Liza
    Fee: $99.00
    Description: The heat and light of summer, bring with it a renewed sense of vitality. The pranic force is strong and abundant in the summer, making it easier to strengthen the sap of life, if the fire is balanced.  In this series we will move through a fluid asana practice with sun salutes, focusing on opening the chest and cultivating a strong sense of breath and connection, to movement for 30 minutes.  Practicing sun salutations in the morning have so many benefits to your body and mind, including:

    1. Improves functions of the internal organs
    2. improves muscle tone
    3. improves posture
    4. helps cope with insomnia
    5. strenghtens the body
    6. helps relax the mind
    7. improves flexibility
    8. helps burn excess fat
    9. helps with mental focus
    10. improves blood circulation

    In our sun salutations we will be linking breath with movement, as we connect with our breath, body and mind.  In this series we will breakdown the step by step moments,that make up a sun salutation, using props.  We will conclude each class with a walk on the beach, where we will have a short meditation practice.

    Note: This is part of a 8 class series:
    Class 1: 6/2/17
    Class 2: 6/9/17
    Class 3: 6/16/17
    Class 4: 6/23/17
    Class 5: 6/30/17
    Class 6: 7/7/17
    Class 7: 7/14/17
    Class 8: 7/21/17

  • Sat

    Beginner's Hatha Yoga - Class Series

    12:00 - 1:00pm

    6 Saturdays: June 3rd - July 8th

    Teacher: Aurora
    Fee: $75.00
    Description: Learn the basics necessary to develop a safe practice and understanding of yoga.  No yoga experience necessary.

    Note: This is part of a 6 class series:
    Class 1: 6/3/17
    Class 2: 6/10/17
    Class 3: 6/17/17
    Class 4: 6/24/17
    Class 5: 7/1/17
    Class 6: 7/8/17

  • Mon

    Liberation through Meditation - Class Series

    5:30 - 6:30pm

    6 Mondays: June 5th - July 10th

    Teacher: Celeste
    Fee: $75.00
    Description: You've been hearing how great meditation is for your stress levels, your heart and your immune system, not to mention getting that elusive "glow" you sometimes see in people who say they meditate every day. Every Day!?! REALLY?

    Perhaps you've done all the things you've heard about - lighting a candle, maybe having a special meditation pillow, burning incense, putting on Gregorian Chants. You begin with the best of intentions, but your brain just refuses to Stop. You close your eyes, sit up straight take a deep breath and then... "Ooh! My nose itches! Ok... the dog is scratching. I need to remember to do that flea treatment... No, I'm meditating now!... I have to remember to pick up something for the potluck... I wonder whether I should get chicken or bring a salad... I wonder what Jennie is bringing... maybe I should call... "Be Quiet!" you say to yourself.

    Does it work? Nope. Before you know it your meditation time is over and you've only succeeded in getting even more frustrated and stressed. Nothing seems to help you focus or silence the voice that keeps interrupting, reminding, nagging and harassing you. Maybe you're just way too busy a person to take the time to meditate?

    If you're ready to throw up your hands in surrender, don't give up yet. Your secret dream of finding silence inside your own mind can become a reality. There's help!

    Starting June 5th, 2017 The Yoga Channel is hosting an in-person workshop with Celeste Mendelsohn, a certified Masters of Wisdom and Meditation teacher. Classes will be one hour, from 5:30 to 6:30 every week for six weeks.

    In this class you will learn:

    • Practical ways to integrate meditation every day
    • One size does not fit all - finding what's right for you
    • How to create your own sacred space
    • What does it mean when...? Different meditative experiences and how to interpret them
    • Gaining focus and clarity to make better decisions
    • Transformative methods of science and Eastern healing
    • Overcoming emotional triggers - pattern interrupt
    • Finding peace and gratitude in your daily life

    Note: This is part of a 6 class series:
    Class 1: 6/5/17
    Class 2: 6/12/17
    Class 3: 6/19/17
    Class 4: 6/26/17
    Class 5: 7/3/17
    Class 6: 7/10/17