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Twists penetrate deep into the body’s core, offering potent benefits to the muscles and organs of the torso while encouraging the breath to grow deep and full. Practicing these postures regularly can create a suppleness and freedom in your spine that in turn brings a spring to your step. Like any yoga posture, though, twists […]

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Reinvent Your Wheel

Ah, beautiful urdhva dhanurasana. As the arms and legs press strongly down into the ground like pillars, the entire length of the spine curves into a deep, even arch. It’s striking, it’s inspiring, and it’s…well, everywhere. Walk into nearly any hatha yoga class at any time of day, and you’re likely to encounter the pose […]

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Allergy Season – Yoga Poses to help you thru it

It’s hard to feel excited about the warmth and vibrant colors of spring when you’re sneezing and wheezing your way through your day. Practice these yoga poses and you should feel a good measure of allergy relief…. naturally. Though a stuffy nose may make it hard to breathe deeply or do your regular practice, don’t […]

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